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  1. back07 Sep 21, 2015

    he ya! Dra
    how r you?

  2. agent-Achika Jul 04, 2015

  3. agent-Achika Feb 15, 2015

    Long time no see......

  4. agent-Achika Jan 02, 2015

    Gd morning Drakill!
    -It sure has been a long time
    since we last spoke.
    -Merry Xmas & hope
    ya celebration was wonderful
    & filled with loads of laughter,
    love, & great memories.
    -Did ya get any cool gifts on Xmas day?
    -Eat any delicious foods or deserts?
    -Seen any new films from 2014 yet?
    -Hows 2015 treating U so far?
    -Make any New Years resolutions?
    To my long time friend here on MT.......